If you are looking for new ways of connecting to your divine feminine energy, this class is for you.
I have put together a spirit lifting, passion awakening, self-empowering class just for women. Get in touch with your divine feminine and gain clarity about your life's purpose. Awaken the power that rests within you through yoga, dance and deep conversation dedicated to opening your divine sacral chakra. Flow through this class to find or rediscover your true self and finally  learn how to own your unique feminine energy.

The Sacral Chakra is all about passion, creativity and sensuality. I bring in the edgy and spicy side as well as the soft and sexy elements of this power chakra.  I am confident that Sacral Yoga can help you open up to yourself and discover new ways of connecting and opening up with others.

I have been instructing yoga since 2012. In addition to my 200 Hour RYT, I am certified in Yoga for 12 Step Recovery. (Y12SR) and teach classes at various locations. My classes range from gentle to power and anywhere in between and I bring a fun and playful spirit to all of them.