Reiki and Crystal Healing Sessions

​Meghan is a natural healer with many different gifts, which she brings to all her sessions. You will receive crystal healing, aromatherapy and a personalized meditation, based on your needs at the time.  She is a medium and natural intuitive and will explain to you the physical and emotional effects that you may experience and advise what you can do to keep the energy flowing freely. 

Prices vary depending on the length of session. Please contact us for more information.


Meghan has written multiple workshops that touch all of our hearts. She will teach you how to recover parts of yourself that may have been forgotten and how stay true to yourself in everyday choices as well as through more challenging times. She is a Trauma Informed and Trained Recovery Coach and an expert in guiding people back to love. Please contact us for a complete schedule of classes. 

  • Know Yourself;Know Your Child: A Guide to Communication Between Parents and Children of all ages.
  • Saying Yes to You: Honoring Yourself in All Ways
  • Vulnerability and Intimacy in Everyday Life: How Let Go of Fear
  • Return to Self: Recovering from Trauma

Acoustic Yoga

We have created a magical experience for you where music, voice and movement can take you to another world. You will float your way home free from any stress in the body, mind or spirit. It truly is an experience like no other.​ We host our classes at various places throughout the Metrowest area and are happy to bring this experience into your home for private sessions. Please contact us for more details. 

RIA House

...Supporting and standing with adult women who have experienced the commercial sex market. RIA is a mix of survivors, allies, women clinically trained, women in recovery...people who are passionate about supporting women who have been exploited. Specializations include treating trauma and other forms of abuse with interest in supporting identity and self-concept of survivors of sexual exploitation. 

All of the services offered through RIA House are confidential and free. No insurance is necessary. To receive group meeting locations and to learn more about any of our ongoing groups please contact Danielle at or call (774) 245-9139. ​​

Acoustic Meditation and Healing

Have you ever said "I can't meditate?" Let us help you. All you need to do is breathe...we will do the rest. With the sound of acoustic guitar in the background and Meghan's sweet, soft voice, you will find stillness and peace within. Meghan will use her gifts of  Reiki and intuitiveness to relax your mind. Gregory will use his guitar to relax the body. Naturally, the spirit will follow. ​We host these meditations at various locations in the Metrowest are and are happy to travel to you for private group sessions. Please contact us for details. 

Corporate Wellness Rooms

Are you looking for a way to give your employees a break and to increase their productivity? Does your business run week long trainings? Do you find people need quiet space to escape for a few minutes in between sessions? Allow us to transform one of your meeting rooms into a peaceful escape. We provide meditation cushions, guided mediation, Reiki, soft lighting and live acoustic guitar. We will customize the room for your needs. Please contact us for more details.  
Rates start at $500 for a half day. Special rates for week long availability.


Meghan received her 200 hour YTT from Dima Bosko and is Certified in Yoga for 12 Step Recovery. (Y12SR) and teaches classes at various locations. Her classes range from gentle to power and anywhere in between. She has created a sensual, awakening and empowering yoga class called Sacral Yoga. Meghan brings a fun and playful spirit to all of them.