Gregory McConnell is a lifelong singer/songwriter/musician. ​

 "Music and song writing brought me through a recent series of life-changing events. My connection to self, to my pain, to my acceptance of my role in my  circumstances and ultimately and gratefully, my continued recovery and awakening is most personally documented through my song writing and simple open tuning guitar accompaniments. My results were gradual, transformative and continue to broaden and enrich my life and the lives of the people with whom I share my journey. I am passionate about bringing this healing process to others."

Acoustic Meditation

  • Do you find it challenging to slow down the mind?
  • Have you told yourself that you “just can’t meditate?
  • Could you use some assistance getting started with a meditation practice?
  • Would you like to enhance your current practice?

Join Meghan and Gregory for a one hour escape. Meghan is an experienced meditation instructor who will guide you with her soft voice through visual meditations. Gregory is a lifelong singer and songwriter. His rich guitar tunings and voice create a beautiful musical backdrop providing additional layers of depth and dimension to Meghan’s inspiring meditations. They both have learned to surrender to the universe and created a way for you to be more at ease within yourself. They are honored to share their gifts with you.
Meghan Margarette and Gregory McConnell combine their intuitive gifts to create for you a class filled with love and relaxation. 

Through the vibration of music, movement of the body and Reiki, your personal vibration will be better able to line up with the plans the universe has in store for you. This magical class will help to melt your heart, body and spirit and open your eyes to your truest self: love.

If you know of a place close to you that would like to host Acoustic Yoga, please let us know. We are willing to travel. We are also available for private sessions in your home or yard and special events.